Our classic design for patio and balcony: stable, functional, and proven thousands of times over

The Monarch appeals for its easy operation, attractive appearance and, last but not least, it’s a great value for the money. The open bearing rod and the fabric roll are protected from corrosion by a special galvanizing treatment. Thanks to a powder-coated and/or anodized aluminum hinged arm, and robust vertical impact securing, this awning is resilient against weather impacts.

The Benefits of Spettmann

  • Quality custom-made awning
  • Quick delivery
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Large selection of fabrics – various accessories
  • Replaceable fabric
  • Maintenance-free
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easy to operate crank pitch between 0 and 45 degrees
  • Robust vertical impact protection against wind
  • Available with manual winder, electric motor, remote operated motor
  • Custom manufacturing down to the last inch
  • Brackets and fittings included in delivery package

The Monarch open awning by Spettmann is a perfect solution for many garden light and temperature control goals. Create the perfect awning for your needs by adding some of the many options available.

The special thing about the Drop-Valance awning is its vertically lowerable edging. It protects against curious neighbors, and it guarantees optimal protection from glare even when the sun is low in the sky.

  • Edging lowerable by up to approximately 6‘ / 180 cm
  • Lower rod on edging for stability in wind
  • Custom manufacturing down to the last inch
  • Extendable valance shade

The Crank Pitch will protect you from sunlight at any time of day. The expanded pitch adjustment makes it easy for you to adjust the position of the awning to suit the location of the sun in the sky

  • Continuous pitch adjustment between 0 and 45 degrees
  • Easy manual operation
  • Custom manufacturing down to the last inch
  • Brackets and fittings included in delivery package

No patio is too deep for the XXL. The extremely generous depth, together with a narrow width, makes it the ideal shade option for narrow, low balconies.

  • Extra depth, up to 12‘ / 360 cm
  • Robust hinged arms placed on top of each other
  • Custom manufacturing down to the last inch
  • Brackets and fittings included in delivery package
  • Extendable valance shade

Spettmann Basic

Electric Motor with Switch

The push of a button and a 120 volt connection are enough, and in just a few seconds, your patio on door/window will be transformed into a shady outdoor area. An electric motor integrated into the fabric roll makes it possible. Quietly and conveniently.

Spettmann Plus

Electric Motor with Remote and Emergency Manual Override

There is construction work going on outside your home and suddenly the power supply is interrupted. For cases like these, Spettmann offers an electric motor with an additional manual winder. So even if worst comes to worst, you’ll be well equipped.

Roller Tube

We carry both 70mm @ 20’ & 78mm @ 23’ fabric roller tubes. They are roll formed using galvanized steel to precise dimensions with a thickness gauge of .047 – .057 inches.

Wall Bracket

Spettmann offers installation brackets for walls, ceilings, roofs & rafters. Made from the highest grade of Aluminum.


Protecting the fabric is very important for long lasting shade. We offer a hood for the basic open style awnings to a semi-cassette and a full cassette for maximum protection.

Awning Fabric

The awning fabric provides comfortable shade and protection UV rays and glare. The fabric Spettmann offers are made of fade and weather resistant material.

Front Bar

The front bar forms the front edge of the awning and helps keep the fabric straight and taut. The front bar is made of extruded aluminum.


The valance not only provides an attractive face for the awning but also additional shade as the sun sets in the evening.

Protective Coating

All our awning component parts are protected with the highest quality of powder coating that will provide years of enjoyment.

Lateral Arms

The arms, with internal springs, extends and retracts the awning. The arms continuously apply tension on the fabric keeping the fabric straight and taut.


The awning can be operated using a manual gear drive or electric motor. The motor can be operated by a remote control or a wall switch


The range of pitch on our awning is 0 to 45 degrees, however, we recommend 15 degrees. We carry the standard adjustable pitch unit along with various crank pitch units.

Torsion Bar

The torsion bar is the foundation of the awning. All the load and stress is transferred onto the torsion bar, so it is important to have a strong and secure torsion bar.

Width Sizes: Standard 8’ – 20’ (custom sizes are available, over 20’ requires a splice)
Projections: 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ & 13’
Operations: Gear Drive or motorized available

Frame Colors:










Wall Mount Bracket


Fabric Lock-Aluminum




Tube Bracket

Remote & Setting
Smart-Shade App Guide
Smart-Shade Full Tutorial Video
Spettmann Brochure
Smart-Shade Poster

Smart-Shade App


LED Lighteed Arms

Vibration Sensor

Wind Pole

Crank Pitch

Motor w/Remote or Switch

Drop Valance

XXL “Crossover” Arms

Front Screen

RGB Lighted Arms

Speaker Holder

Johannes Gutenberg

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