The Benefits of Spettmann Awnings

When the sun is shining high in the sky, we know you’d also like a place in the shade. With a quality awning from Spettmann, you don’t have to search for long. Right at your own back door, a colorful overhead covering will put your patio or balcony in a muted light ensuring a comfortable climate.

German Quality

You can only get high quality custom made awnings from a specialist retailer, right?
Not true. You will find the Spettmann awning system, as well as expert advice, in your closest hardware or DIY store.

Maintenance Free Technology

Special coatings protect the entire aluminum system from corrosion. As the mechanical components do not require any maintenance whatsoever, you can relax from the first ray of sunshine.

Five Year Guarantee

Spettmann awnings are manufactured with German Technology, and provide certified quality you can rely on.

Customer Shade Protection

Location and size will determine how the awning should be made – from fabric quality, dimensions, even to the care of your awning. With an awning from Spettmann, you can be sure you will get an individual product that has been customized to your patio.

Pre-designed Ease

All Spettmann products are designed with the customer in mind. Allowing for simple and easy to use operation.

Professional Installation

Spettmann uses the highest standards in building and installation procedures. All of our installation personnel are trained and motivated to perform the best installation possible, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

DIY Options

Whether it’s a brick wall, an exterior insulation finishing system, or rafters: Spettmann awnings can be fitted anywhere.

Superior Fabric

Top Quality in Stylish Designs

To go along with our world-class awnings, we provide a complete line of only the highest quality acrylic and polyester fabrics. With such a vast array of beautiful fabrics and gorgeous designs, you are sure to find the fabric perfect for you! Not only are our fabrics attractive, but they are also extremely durable. Exceptional resilience to the elements is only one of the many benefits of our fabrics. Because all of our fabrics are 100% solution dyed, they have superb color fastness. These fabrics can also provide protection from up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays allowing for peace of mind while spending time outdoors. Why shouldn’t fabric be engineered to be as efficient and functional as the actual awning?

Our fabrics are mildew, water and fade resistant. Maintaining these fabrics could not be easier. In addition to our concerns over functionality and beauty, we also place a high priority on keeping our fabrics as environmentally friendly as possible. We provide a full collection of unique fabrics that can be manufactured using recyclable materials, such as PET bottles. This procedure creates a completely “GREEN” fabric that is 100% recyclable. The fabric’s environmental friendliness does not sacrifice on quality at all, as our fabrics each meet or surpass all industry requirements. Our fabrics outstanding durability and resilience ensures that you will have your stunning awning season after season.

You can decide which fabric is right for you on the basis of three criteria. We differentiate between fabrics based on UV protection ratings, thermal comfort and color effect. The light ambiance under a blue and white striped awning is different to under a Uni orange model. The atmosphere that is created depends on the selection of the fabric. If you want to protect yourself from both sunlight and UV radiation, and are looking for coolness on a hot day, you’d be well advised to look for a dark fabric. If you only want to reduce the light mildly, and don’t want to miss out on that warm summer feeling, light fabrics are the better choice.

Benefit of Using Spettmann Components

Spettmann Quality in Every Piece

Spettmann offers state of the art designs and features not available anywhere else. One of the highlights in our product line is our Drop Valance awning which gives you overhead shade as well as side shade, it’s like having two awnings in one! We also offer a crank pitch option which is an independent hand-crank specifically designed for adjusting the pitch height on the right or left side of the awning which will provide additional shade coverage, with a simple turn of a handle. Other options are the open flat hood and semi-cassette housing which protects your awning fabric from the elements along with providing a sleek and clean look. There are additional accessories available such as sun and wind sensors, motors and exterior vertical sun-shades
Replaceable fabric by Spettmann makes updating your awning fun! We can replace your used Spettmann awning fabric easily.

We have your dream awning:
Simple, fast and straightforward!

A Safe Choice

Radiant sunshine may lift your spirits, but you should protect yourself and your family from the impact of UV rays – and the best way to do that is with an awning from Spettmann. On hot summer days, it will keep off not only UV radiation, but also the heat.

UV Protection at 90-100%

Regardless of how intensely the sun shines: Spettmann awning fabrics – available with a UV protection factor of 90–100 percent – even protect the sensitive skin of children. Light fabrics filter up to 90 percent of UV radiation, while darker fabrics filter up to 100 percent. As a comfortable additional benefit, they also offer outstanding protection from glare.

Windproof in Accoordance with DIN EN 13561

Our TÜV inspected awnings comply with wind strength two, and are stable even in wind speeds of between 20 mph (29 km/h) and 25 mph (38 km/h) (wind strength four to five).

General Climate Control

All of our products work together to give you control of your climate at a low to null energy cost. Installing awnings are a proven way to drop your cooling energy costs.

Engineered and Designed in Germany

By purchasing a Spettmann awning you can be sure to have chosen a German quality product that combines excellent processing and extreme longevity.

5 Year Warranty

We want that our customers are the lasting quality of our products for certain: This is why we give a guarantee period of five years, which clearly exceeds the legal minimum warranty period of two years.

Certified Safety

Spettmann Quality Awnings comply in every detail with the statutory safety regulations. We have regularly confirmed by an official.

European Standards Quality

The new European Standard EN 13561 specifies the requirements to be met by awnings with respect to construction and mounting. This means that the number of consoles and their fitting are clearly prescribed – criteria that meet Spettmann awnings in every point.

Section Wind Tested – The CE NORM

Since January 2006, every manufacturer is obliged to classify its awnings for binding criteria under different wind classes. Spettmann awnings meet wind classification 2, with a wind rate of 29 to 38 km/h fully extended and provide the necessary sun protection.