For over a century, Spettmann has been committed to offering the highest grade of shade products in the industry. We are dedicated in providing to our customers a product that is designed and built to provide decades of maintenance free enjoyment. Spettmann is committed to using only the best materials and the most advanced state-of-the-art technology. We will continue in our commitment in offering our customers the most reliable logistical support, ensuring product availability and on-time deliveries. Spettmann is committed in providing timely and accurate technical support though our U.S.A, Germany and direct from our factory.


A. Our retractable awnings have many features including; standard sizes between 8’ – 40’ widths with a projection(Arm-length) between 6’ – 13’. The frame is available in four colors: White, Beige, Bronze & Sand. We use Stainless steel hardware and the highest grade of Aluminum tubing. All our arms have heavy duty forged components with an adjustable pitch system that can be modified to carry our XXL ”crossover” Arm system to allow the awning to fit the non-standard sizes. We offer a large selection of fabric colors and patterns.

A. All controls have “easy-touch” buttons. Led light indicators on our single channel remotes and a digital screen on our 5-channel and 15-channel models. Available in Black color.

A. ”New” Weather alert/warning notifications “New” Command notification “New” Control the amount of shade(Percentage) “New” Multi-colored RGB LED lights “New” App control of music selection and speakers “New” A more powerful and faster Wi-Fi hub

A. The Drop Shade opens and closes vertically, with the weight bar secured to the wall using a S.S. cable or Aluminum rod. Whereas the Window Awning opens and closes diagonally from 15 degrees to 180 degrees, with the front bar secured to the wall using a pair of spring-loaded retractable arms and it may have a valance along the front bar.


A. The Front Screen is an open frame shade screen that can be easily attached to any existing front bar resulting in a very cost effective accessary. Whereas the Drop Valance requires a specific front bar housing which encloses and protects the screen . This is an attractive front bar but is more expensive and requires more time and effort to attach to an awning.

A. Yes. We recommend using our Hood or Cassette to help protect the fabric and frame from most weather elements. For the wind specifically, we recommend using the Wind Sensor as well as the Wind Pole.

A. Spettmann has entered smart home technology by creating our own Smart-Shade app. This will allow you to operate your shade using your smart phone, iPad or voice control devices such as Alexa and Google Home. Ask your local Spettmann authorized dealer for details.

A. Our XXL “Cross-over” Arm system allows us to build awnings to fit unique areas. Such as when the projection is larger than the width.

A. We do have arms with lights. They are dimmable LED lights and come in arm sizes 8’, 10’ and 12’.

A. We now have multi-colored lights with seven different color choices. With multiple flashing or fading options. You can also adjust the brightness and speed.


A. We recommend using our full Smart-Shade video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGyKmn7MMHU&t=61s we also have a digital instructions in the download section.

A. Simply plug in the hub and then click on the WiFi icon on the Smart-Shade app and connect the hub to the app. or you can view the following video instruction link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bur9wB0J6xc

A. Only if your currant remote control is Spettmann Bluetooth equipped. One way for you to test is to download the Smart-Shade app onto your phone and follow the steps to pair the remote to the app. if you are unable to add the device to the app it is more likely not Bluetooth equipped. Check with your local Spettmann authorized dealer on how you can upgrade your remote control.

A. One way is to fill out the “I have a Technical Question” form and submit and/or email to techsupport@spettmannusa.com and/or you may call 626-939-8988 8-4pm PST. A Spettmann technical representative will respond to you request.

A. Even though Spettmann has created a virtually maintenance-free awning, there are still regular maintenance that can help prolong the life of your awning. Click on “Technical Downloads” and open “Maintenance” file.

A. Yes, we have mounting brackets specially designed to fit each of these situations such as our Roof Bracket, Soffit brackets and Wall brackets

A. Yes, our awnings and other shade products are not only for residential use but are quite often used on commercial locations as well, such as restaurants outdoor dinning areas, hotels, theme parks and shopping malls.

A. we can make retractable awnings as small as 6’ and as large as 40’ (over 20’ will have to be built in two sections for shipping purposes).

A. This is done thru any of our authorized dealers. Our sales department will be happy to locate the closest dealer in your area. Click on “Contact Us” and fill out “I have a question” form and submit and/or send an email to sales@spettmannusa.com and/or call 626-939-8988 8-4pm PST.

A. For consumers, please contact your local dealer where you purchased, as each dealer may have different terms and conditions.

A. We do offer a hardwire motor that requires no outside outlet . It is usually connected to an interior power source and operated via a wall switch. If you desire to use a remote control to operate the awning than many installers will remove the plug and wire directly to an outdoor power source. Warning: these two options should ONLY be completed by qualified professionals.

A. Yes, for crank operated awnings and shades. As well as the remote-controlled awning with plug. You can download instructions and tools needed. Select a product then click on “Tech Support” and open “Installation Instructions”.

Technical Assistance

For technical support, please contact your dealer where purchased OR you may fill out form below and submit and/or email to Techsupport@spettmannusa.com or search for Technical Downloads.
For all warranty claims, please contact your dealer where purchased.

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